Parental Controls

Parental Control

DISH TV Parental Controls Put Control Right in Your Hands

DISH provides TV parental control locks that allow you to limit the programming your children can watch on your receiver. DISH TV parental controls help you ensure that the programming being watched is appropriate for your family. You can access this parental control feature by navigating to the Menu on your DISH receiver and entering the “Locks” menu.


Types of Parental Locks & TV Parental Control

  • Ratings: Ratings Locks allow you to prevent programming from being viewed based on the ratings given to them by either the MPAA or the TV Guidelines Monitoring board. For more information on how movie ratings are given please visit: For more information on how TV ratings are given please visit:
  • Channels: Channel Locks allow you to prevent specific channels from being viewed.
  • PPV: PPV Locks allow you to lock all PPV and VOD content from being viewed.


Other Lock Functions

  • Front Panel Lock: The Front Panel Lock option prevents the buttons on the front panel of your receiver from controlling your receiver.
  • Hide Locked: The Hide Locked option removes all locked channels, except for PPV and VOD channels, from your program guide.
  • Hide Adult: The Hide Adult option removes all adult channels from your program guide.
  • Change Password: This option allows you to change the password that you already have setup for your Parental Locks.

Remember: If you have a dual tuner, you must setup Parental Locks on both TV1 and TV2 to fully protect your system.


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