Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR


Introducing the Hopper® from DISH, an innovative new way to experience Whole-Home DVR service for your household. With the Hopper® HD DVR, you can effortlessly watch your recorded programs in any room of the house — no matter what TV they were recorded on.

Only with the Hopper® you can watch live and recorded TV anywhere, lets you instantly skip commercials, keeps you from missing your favorite primetime shows and gives you instant access to the latest news, weather and more with the Hopper's apps. The future of television is here with the Hopper® HD DVR from DISH.


Watch TV Anywhere

Only with the Hopper you can watch all your live and recorded TV anywhere.

Watch Commercial Free TV

Now you can instantly skip commercials in recorded prime time TV. Only DISH gives you ad-free TV with the Hopper™. See what the president of the Consumer Electronics Association thinks of this innovative technology.

Record 2,000 Hours

DISH believes you should be able to control how, when and where you watch TV. That's why only with the Hopper™ you can record up to 2,000 hours and record up to 8 shows at once, so you never have to worry about DVR conflicts or storage. DISH's Hopper® Whole-Home HD DVR is the most advanced in the industry. DISH offers the best DVR features, DIRECTV's Genie doesn't even compare— see for yourself.



Never miss a show with Primetime Anytime

Primetime Anytime

The Hopper's exclusive feature, PrimeTime Anytime, gives you instant access to your favorite shows on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC in HD.* You can record three hours per night of HD primetime programming automatically and store them for up to eight days after the initial air date. Just enable PrimeTime Anytime once and you'll have instant access to the best primetime programming without having to set timers. Or, if 8 days isn’t long enough, simply move any of your primetime shows to your DVR to save them for longer.

And if this wasn’t enough, add the ability to watch most of these shows entirely commercial free into the mix. AutoHop™, when enabled, lets you skip commercials automatically for most shows recorded with PrimeTime Anytime.*

*Features must be enabled by customer and are subject to availability. AutoHop feature only available with playback after 1 AM Eastern Time of select HD primetime shows recorded as part of PrimeTime Anytime.


  • State-of-the-Art User Interface.

  • HD user Interface
  • Hopper features a sleek HD user interface, with super-fast scrolling and colorful channel logos listed for easy visual reference.

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  • SRS TruVolume®.

  • SRS TruVolume
  • The Hopper includes SRS TruVolume technology, which prevents annoying volume fluctuations. No need to adjust the volume and better yet, no more loud commercials!

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  • Remote Control Locator.

  • Remote Control Locator
  • Never lose your remote again! Press a button, and the Hopper will call your remote, so you can hear where it's hiding – and then get back to watching TV.

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    This feature is also available on all Joeys.

  • Intuitive Search.

  • Search by title, actor, channel and more
  • Search by title, actor, channel and more to find your favorite shows, recorded programs and On Demand content. Plus with predictive search, the Hopper will start showing results immediately as you type, so you'll find your favorite shows faster than ever.

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  • DISH Anywhere.

  • Labtop, Smartphone and Tablet
  • Connect your Hopper to broadband Internet and get access to live TV, thousands of On Demand titles and everything from your DVR, even when you're away from home.

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  • Labtop, Smartphone and Tablet
  • Music lovers will love this. Only DISH offers over 70 channels of SiriusXM satellite radio, the same music channels available in your car, with America's Top 120, DishLATINO Clasico, and higher packages. DISH is the only pay TV provider to give you SiriusXM satellite music.

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The Hopper features apps like The Weather Channel, msnbc, NBC Sports, Access Hollywood and more, so the information you want is just a click away.


1 2000 hours based on SD programming. Equipment comparison based on equipment currently available from major TV providers as of 8/01/12.

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