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DISH over DirecTV and Comcast

How DISH Stacks Up Against the Satellite Competition

When comparing DISH vs. DIRECTV, it's clear that DISH provides more programming choices, better customer service, more advanced technology, TV viewing features you want and a greater value for your money.

When you compare satellite TV providers' prices between DISH and DIRECTV, you will see that with DISH, you will pay less for the most-watched channels. DISH brings you 5 packages under $40 so you have choices when it comes to your TV. And, you get the Hopper® FREE with prices $29.99/mo (with 24 month commitment).


*For 12 months, requires 24-mo commitment and credit qualification

DISH or DIRECTV? The fact is, DIRECTV can't compete with DISH

If you are considering the switch to satellite TV and are conflicted by the DISH vs. DIRECTV debate, all you have to do is look into what both providers offer in the chart below.

DISH prides itself on its customer service, providing support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so your questions never go unanswered. DIRECTV, on the other hand, received a rating of "D+" from the Better Business Bureau on customer service. Why buy a product or service knowing that when assistance is needed, it's not always available?

Still not sure which satellite TV provider is right for you? Take some time to compare everything you get from DISH versus what you get from DIRECTV. We've gathered all the latest pricing, technology, package offerings and more because we know if you look at DISH vs. DIRECTV the right choice will become clear. DISH is simply the best in the industry.


Your annual savings with DISH could be up to $280

Right Now with DISH vs. DIRECTV:

  • America's Top 200 Package is only $39.99/mo (for 24 mos.), it gives you the top channels plus more sports than DIRECTV's Entertainment or Choice packages.
  • DISH Network has the most advanced technology like the Hopper, with 2x as much storage as DIRECTV's Genie
  • Local Sports Channels and favorites like NFL RedZone and MLB Strike Zone are more affordable with DISH
  • With DISH, all packages include HD Free for 24 Months!*


*Requires credit qualification

Don’t wait. It’s time to switch to DISH Network.