Dish Brings you the Best Satellite TV Service

DISH Satellite TV service offers unbeatable value in home entertainment!



With DISH you'll have the choice of five different satellite TV packages all under $40/month. And you can get America's Top 120 Package for just $29.99* per month with a Free Hopper Upgrade®! Add in free professional installation from DISH, Free Blockbuster @Home and Free Premiums, it's a value you just can't beat!


* - All promotional offers require 24-month commitment and credit qualification

DISH Satellite TV Pricing

Satellite TV Packages


With DISH Programming you will get more of what you want with multiple packages available to meet your household's needs. Whether you demand the most movies, the best live sports with HD picture and sound, family programming that everyone can enjoy or a blend of all of these, the programming selection from DISH offers the most variety at unbeatable prices.



DISH delivers innovation you just will not find with any other TV provider in the industry. Only DISH brings you the award-winning Whole-Home HD DVR, the Hopper®. Only the Hopper has advanced technology to truly you can watch live and recorded TV anywhere, all the same TV you have at home is available on your mobile device! And, only the Hopper lets you instantly skip commercials at the touch of a button in most popular primetime shows on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. Switch to DISH and see the difference for yourself. The Hopper from DISH will change the way you watch TV.


Satellite TV Technology

Satellite TV Equipment


Satellite TV equipment like the Hopper offers the best way to connect your entire house to your TV entertainment package. The Hopper, accompanied by the Joeys, can connect up to 4 TVs to the Hopper's central 2TB hard drive. The Hopper will literally change the way you and your family watch TV. And don't worry about TV installation hassles with our equipment since free professional installation is a part of every DISH satellite TV package.



With DISH, your TV extends outside your living room thanks to new technology that you can take your TV programming on-the-go! DISH Anywhere™ allows you access to all the same TV you watch at home on your computer and mobile devices so you can watch what you want, when you want, wherever you want*.


* Requires Sling®-enabled box or Sling® adapter, and 3G or higher connection on mobile device.

Satellite TV Technology

Satellite TV Availability


Another advantage of satellite TV service is that no matter where you home is located, satellite TV is available*! The DISH team of professional installers can get you up and running with the most advanced TV programming wherever you might be. Thanks to the delivery of satellite TV signals, as long as you have line of sight to the southern sky you can enjoy the benefit of everything DISH satellite TV has to offer! In addition to national availability, the DISH team of customer service experts is available 24/7/365 to address any needs that may arise.


Get the best deal in TV Programming with qualifying DISH packages:

  • FREE Hopper Upgrade!
  • HBO, Cinemax and Starz FREE for 3 months!***
  • HD Free for 24 Months****
  • Blockbuster @Home FREE for 3 Months!****
  • Free Standard Professional Installation

Don’t wait. It’s time to switch to DISH Network.


**DVR is leased. Monthly DVR fee and receiver fees apply.

***Offer value is $132; after 3 months then-current price applies unless you downgrade. After the promotional period, all 4 premiums will roll to pay (at their current price).

****Regularly $10/mo.

***** With qualifying packages and 24-month commitment.