How to Reset Your DISH Network Remote

Your DISH Network remote is actually a completely functional remote for just about every device you’ve got in your home entertainment system. Not only can you control your DISH receiver with it, but you can control your TV, DVR, VCR and even your surround sound system. This means you don’t have to have half a dozen remotes floating around to control all your devices, nor do you have to make a special investment in a third party remote to handle all the functions. It is actually quite easy to reset DISH Network remote controls.

How to reset a DISH Network remote is a relatively simple process. Across the top of the remote,you’ll find function buttons that associate with different devices, and that’s the first button you’ll need to use when programming the remote. Hold down that button until it shows a solid light. Then, you’ll plug in the 3 digit code for your device. For instance, to program the remote for your TV, simply hold down the TV button until it turns solid. Then, on the numeric pad, type in the code and press Enter. The TV light should blink 3 times to show the remote accepted the code.

Because of the number of TV’s and other devices available, there may be more than one option available for codes. Press the power button on the remote to see if the TV turns on (or off). If it works, you’ve successfully programmed your remote for your TV. If not, you’ll need to go through the process again and try the next code on the list.

Depending on which remote you have, either the silver, the black, or one with a colored tab on the bottom, there are different sets of codes you’ll need to use to program them. You’ll want to start by choosing your DISH remote. If you have any questions about how to reset DISH Network remote controls, please contact DISH today.

Then go from there. Programming your remote isn’t hard at all, and with the info on the website, you’ll have yours set up for your system in no time.

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