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food network on DISH tvI don’t know about you, but I love food.  No, seriously, I LOVE food.  Home cooked, gourmet, ethnic and exotic, even fast food and frozen pizzas, I love food.  And there’s something about watching other people fix and prepare things that can inspire me to either create, or eat,whatever it is they’re making.  That’s why I love Food Network via DISH Network.

The Food Network is available in High Definition on DISH Network’s channel 110 so any time of the day or night I can tune in to unique lifestyle programming that explores new and different ways to approach, not just cooking, but food, through pop culture, competitions, adventure and travel.  There’s even a show aimed at explaining the science behind the cooking and baking processes.

Some of the show stopping programming to be found on Food Network on DISH Network are “Iron Chef America” with Alton Brown, and his own science series “Good Eats” as well as “Paula Dean’s Home Cooking,” “Secrets of a Restaurant Chef,” “Sandra’s Money Saving Meals” and “Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives.”  That kind of variety is sure to keep you either glued to your TV set, running off to the kitchen to try something new, or maybe inspire you to go out and find that little known diner that makes the worlds greatest apple pie.

The Food Network is available in the following DISH Network packages:

So if you’re like me, and you know you are, you love food too.  So give DISH Network a call and get Food Network in HD in your home.  See what it inspires YOU to do.  I’m gonna go make me some pie…

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