The Advantage of DISH Network Satellite TV over Cable

When it comes to getting all the TV we want to watch, we only get 2 real choices. Satellite TV or cable. Let’s face it, going with over the air programming means we can only get local channels, and in today’s world, being limited to 2 or 3 channels (5 if you’re extremely lucky) just doesn’t cut it. Cable TV started off in the 1970’s and has made some progress, including the ability to show HD channels now. Satellite TV has been around since the 1970’s as well, since satellites feed cable providers, but little dish satellites like DISH Network satellite TV didn’t hit the scene until the early 1990’s. With all the capacity of the satellites in orbit, satellite TV has consistently provided all kinds of benefits cable companies just can’t do, and at a price cable companies can’t touch.

Cable and satellite both require a separate receiver to be connected to your TV. One clear advantage is the fact that satellite TV providers give you the boxes for free, whereas the cable companies rent you their equipment. Not only do they rent you the receiver, but they rent you the remote for it as well. And you pay a premium price for HD receivers and DVR’s. Between the receiver and remote, you can pay upwards of an additional $25 per month just for equipment rentals.

Cable companies also charge you extra for HDTV. If you want to watch HD channels, not only do you have to pay extra to rent the receiver but you also have to pay for the HD channels. DISH TV, for example, gives you free HD receivers for every HDTV in your house plus you’ll never pay extra for HD channels. If a channel has both an SD and HD version, you get both channels for one price. No hidden fees, no surprises.

Cable companies are also notorious for putting too much on their bandwidth for digital channels. This means that while you may be getting HD channels, the quality has been degraded, sometimes visibly, so more channels can be pushed through the same pipe. Satellite TV doesn’t have to degrade their digital HD channels so they’ll all fit, so you get all the quality you expect from your HDTV.

Time and time again, you can see that satellite TV far outstrips cable in every avenue. And we’ve not even discussed price. While people will always pay a premium for higher quality, in the battle between cable and satellite, you can get better quality TV at a cheaper price. More channels for your dollar, and better quality to boot. Satellite TV rules, so if you’re on cable now, check it out. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

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