The Lifetime Movie Network on DISH Network

So, it’s an ugly day outside, your family has been stressed to the max and pushed to their limits what with school, work and responsibilities and you just want to spend some nice, quiet time relaxing and recuperating with them. Somebody says, “Lets go to the movies!”  Like they really think the hassle of getting all dressed up, actually going out and the expense of driving to the theater, tickets and concessions is gonna relax you at all?  Right.

lifetime-movie-network DISH TVSo let me suggest something way easier, way more economical and way more personal: Make some popcorn, grab your favorite soft drinks, dim the lights and connect with your family…cuddle up together on the couch…in front of a good movie on Lifetime Movie Network, that’s channel 109 on your DISH Network package.

You know you need television coming into your home, but did you know that with DISH Network you’d also have access to a line-up of some of the best movies made for the big screen, as well as some awesome network originals, already paid for, and in your own home already?  And get this……Lifetime Movie Network on DISH Network now comes in High Definition!

As for your movie options? Choose between great theater releases like Erin Brockovich with Julia Roberts or The Color Purple starring Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldburg in addition to critically acclaimed Natalee Holloway and Amish Grace.  Both of those were made for Lifetime Movies and were the highest rated and are still the most-watched original movies in Lifetime Movie Networks history.  Now with choices like that coming into your home already, why would anyone want the fuss, expense and inconvenience of having to go out to a theater?

Lifetime Movie Network in HD comes free in the following DISH Network packages:

So no matter when the mood strikes for everyone to watch a good movie, it’s already there, just waiting for you to curl up and enjoy.

So if you’re going to watch television anyways, make sure you get Lifetime Movie Network HD on DISH Network.  Taking your family to the movies has never been easier, clearer to watch in High Definition….and no one cares if the whole family wants to watch in their jammies.  Can’t do that in a public theater!

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