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Did you know that in the animal realm, they run by instinct.  When a situation occurs, they just instinctively know what to do, what action to take.  However, what they lack is the powers of logic and reason.  What they can’t do is pull information from their past, project it to their future, consider options and consequences of their actions to come and then make wise choices for that moment that will change the outcome later on.

But we can. And not only can we learn from our own marvels and mistakes, but we have the ability to learn from other peoples experiences, and if we want to make positive changes to our future, we have to know who and what shaped the events in our past and avoid repeating those same things. But if we never studied history, how would we know what the past held?

Amazingly, now with The History Channel on DISH Network channel 120, learning has never been easier to do or more fun to watch.  With HD clarity you can educate yourself and your families on such interesting people as Harriet Tubman, Al Capone or Cleopatra and such events as The Industrial Revolution and Prohibition or entire evolutionary time periods covered in blocks of informative programming like Black History Month or Women’s History Month.

Entertaining and riveting history programming can be found easily as The History Channel is included in free High Definition in the following DISH Network program packages;

Ordering The History Channel on DISH Network today is the easiest and most affordable way to be able to include HD entertaining and educational program viewing to your household’s television viewing schedule.

All offers, features, functionality and channel availability subject to change without notice. Please reference for current pricing and promotional information.
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