Watch the English Premier League in the US

Don’t Miss Out on the Action from Across the Pond

Regardless of what country you’re from, if you love soccer, you’ll definitely love watching the English Premier League, the UEFA, Italy’s Serie A and a lot of other great games from around the world. But without the right sports packages, not only will you not see the games, but you may not even see the highlights. If you’re a true soccer fan, this is totally not right and that’s why DISH has a sports package devoted specifically for soccer fans.

soccer tv packageWe know DISH has sports packages for football, baseball and basketball. There are even general sports packages that give you a little bit of everything. However, for the die-hard soccer fan, nothing less than the best coverage will do. That’s why having FOX Soccer Plus available from DISH give you the ability to see lots of great games, catch all the highlights and get all the stats from your favorite teams. You’ll see all your favorite players, especially if you enjoy English Premier League.

Soccer fans are the most die-hard fans in the world and being able to see the matches you want is almost a gift beyond compare. Having sports packages that you can count on to give you the best matches from around the world is truly amazing. But with FOX Soccer Plus DISH has the package that’ll do exactly that. Take a look at all the great sports packages available from DISH Networks and make sure you never miss another soccer match you really want to see. You’ll be shouting “GOAL!” from the comfort of your living room in no time.

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