DISH Network Remote Control Set Up

DISH remote control set upDISH Network remote control set up is super easy, and by following these steps, you will be enjoying your favorite DISH Network programs in no time.

First, turn the power on. You will see four function buttons at the top of your remote that light up red indicating which one is being used. The four buttons are labeled “SAT,” “TV,” “VCR,” and “AUX.”

  • Press and hold the TV button until all four buttons light up. Release the TV button.
  • Press and release either the smaller red TV power button or the singular red power button (depends on your remote control). The TV button will blink and then go steady.
  • You will use the up/down navigation buttons (arrows) to find the code for your TV. Start by repeatedly pressing and releasing the up arrow until your TV powers off. Each time you press the button, the TV button will blink. Between each press of the button, give your TV time to respond by powering off.
  • When the TV is off, lock in the code by pressing and releasing the pound (#) key on the bottom right of your remote. Finally, set the remote back to SAT by pressing and releasing the SAT function button on the top left of your remote.

Now, sit back and enjoy your DISH TV programming.

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