DISH Solo ViP 211K Receiver

DISH TV offers receivers for both high-definition and standard-definition programming for those who do not need a DVR. The Solo ViP® 211k is a DISH receiver supports one independent HDTV with remote control and is compatible with the DISH Tailgater™ portable satellite technology, which is powered by the satellite receiver. With an optional over-the-air module, you can view over-the-air SD and HD broadcasts with the Solo ViP® 211k, and you can opt to have on-screen caller ID with call history for your convenience. DISH offers a variety of receivers to meet the needs of all new and existing customers.  Solo ViP 211k receiver

Display resolutions of the Solo ViP® 211k are 480i, 480p, 720 p and 1080i.

DISH offers a wide variety of receivers, both DVR and non-DVR, to appeal to a wide variety of TV-viewing preferences. Whether you want only the basic channels or hundreds of channels with premium programming such as HBO® and Showtime®, DISH packages and DISH technology offer something for everyone. Explore the various DVR and non-DVR receivers DISH offers and make the switch to DISH today!

All offers, features, functionality and channel availability subject to change without notice. Please reference for current pricing and promotional information.
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