What is Blockbuster @Home?

Get the popcorn ready because with DISH Blockbuster @Home™, you can enjoy hours upon hours of great movies and TV shows without ever having to leave your home! DISH Blockbuster @Home™ (formerly Blockbuster Movie Pass) is included in your package when you sign up for DISH*. DISH Blockbuster @Home brings the big screen right into your very own living room, and with this great DISH deal that brings you both On Demand options and DVDs by mail, you get access to movies, television shows, and games—over 100,000 titles from which to choose! You can also stream your selections to your TV, computer or iPad®. Blockbuster @Home also includes over 20 entertainment channels including Starz®, Cinema, EPIX 1, Sony Movie Channels, Palladia and many more! Blockbuster movie streaming is now right at your fingertips with Blockbuster @Home offered exclusively by DISH.

Blockbuster @Home

Movie buffs and casual fans alike will be thrilled with the ease and convenience of Blockbuster movie streaming with Blockbuster @Home and the extensive library of titles. Blockbuster @Home offers unlimited store exchanges, which means there is no limit to the number of mail-ordered discs you can exchange at a local participating Blockbuster store. Mail-order discs can be exchanged for in-store movies and $.99 or less video games. When you return the in-store exchange disc to the Blockbuster store, the next title in your queue will be sent to your home.

You can browse movies and games at blockbusterathome.com and use the menus to look through categories and sub-categories to narrow down your search. Depending on your receiver model and if your receiver is connected to broadband Internet, the amount of content included in your subscription will vary. Begin enjoying Blockbuster movie streaming today by signing up for DISH online or calling 1-855-891-1215.

* Included for 3 months. Offer based on the discounted $5 price for Blockbuster @Home™. One disc at a time, $10/mo value.

All offers, features, functionality and channel availability subject to change without notice. Please reference dishtv.com for current pricing and promotional information.
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