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If you haven’t noticed lately, DISH is crazy about kangaroos!  Have you seen all the commotion and wondered what exactly is going on?  Well then it’s time to be introduced to the Hopper, the new Whole-Home HD DVR from DISH.  The Hopper from DISH, accompanied by its band of Joeys, brings you the best in whole home entertainment with the numerous amazing features that will truly change the way you watch TV.

The Hopper from DISH Features

The Hopper from DISH will be the central hub for all your home entertainment! The Joeys connect to up to 3 other TVs in your house so, together with the Hopper, 4 TVs have access to one DVR Library that can store up to 2,000 shows—that’s 4 times more than cable! Where you used to have to record shows on multiple DVRs to watch in different rooms of your house, the Hopper from DISH lets you pause, record, rewind or fast-forward from any room! Start a show in one room and finish in any other. And with the Joey’s small size, you can tuck them behind any of the TVs in your house.  And since each of the 4 connected TVs can be on a different HD show, everyone in your family can be watching what they love.

PrimeTime Anytime

The Hopper from DISH also comes with an exclusive feature called PrimeTime Anytime™.  PrimeTime Anytime™ can automatically record the 4 major networks – ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX – during primetime hours.   All you have to do is enable this feature on the DVR once, and you can enjoy all the primetime shows on these channels On Demand for 8 days after they’ve aired.  And, any show recorded with PrimeTime Anytime™ can also be saved permanently to your DVR library. You won’t have to worry about setting your DVR for all your favorite prime time shows any more—they will be recorded automatically for you! The best part is, you can still record 2 other shows at the same time.  So with PrimeTime Anytime™, you can be recording 6 shows at the same time! That’s more than anyone else in the industry can offer!

Finally A Whole-Home DVR Solution

The Hopper from DISH is the fastest, most powerful and most technically advanced Whole-Home HD DVR in the industry.  The menu is designed with easy to navigate picture icons, and the lightning fast guide, complete with channel logos, lets you scroll and find your shows faster than ever!  With cool new features, like the hot buttons that help you navigate through the guide quickly and the Seek & Record™ option makes watching all your favorite TV is even better. And with the remote control finder each Hopper and Joey is equipped with, you will never have to worry about losing your remote again!

For more information review these How the Hopper from DISH Works videos!

You can get the Hopper from DISH today, and when you order America’s Top 200 or above, the Hopper is free!* With all the other great offers from DISH, you can’t find a better value! Hop on over to DISH today, call 1-888-477-7560 or complete your order online!

*Monthly DVR and receiver fees apply.

All offers, features, functionality and channel availability subject to change without notice. Please reference for current pricing and promotional information.
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