PrimeTime Anytime™ on the Hopper

The best Whole-Home HD DVR is here with the Hopper from DISH, the latest and greatest DISH Hoppertechnology from DISH! The Hopper from DISH is the fastest, most powerful and technically advanced Whole-Home HD DVR system in the industry and includes a revolutionary feature called PrimeTime Anytime™, and it’s exclusive to DISH*.

PrimeTime Anytime™ is the optional feature that will automatically record ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX in HD for you during primetime, and save it for 8 days.  That means you will have access to the last 8 days of primetime television On Demand, immediately after airing!

Just activate PrimeTime Anytime™ once, and it will automatically record those channels during primetime, including the weekends, and you will have access to all the shows you love, and many more! PrimeTime Anytime™ automatically saves these shows for you in your PrimeTime Anytime™ folder for 8 days, without taking up any of your DVR space. And if 8 days isn’t enough, you can always save any show permanently to your DVR! So anytime you want, you have access to the last 8 days of primetime shows and events, like the Olympics, the Grammys or, right at your fingertips! Once enabled, PrimeTime Anytime™ will record shows on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC in HD between the hours of 8pm – 11pm EST Monday – Saturday and 7pm –11pm EST on Sundays ( (CST and MST time zones 7-10pm Mon-Sat, 6-10pm on Sunday) .

The best part about PrimeTime Anytime™ is that since it’s automatic, you never have to worry about setting your DVR for any of your primetime shows on these networks, and you also have the option to record 2 other shows, on any other channels, at the same time! So you can have 6 shows total recording at the same time during primetime.

And, since up to 4 TVs in your house can be connected to the Hopper, all your TVs will have access to all this great content. With the Whole-Home functionality of the Hopper, you can pause, rewind or fast-forward any recording in one room and finish watching it in any other.

With features like PrimeTime Anytime™ in addition to the easy to use navigation and super-fast channel guide,
the Hopper from DISH really does bring amazing technology to your home TV, to make watching all the TV you love easier. Check out this Hopper video and some of the other videos on the Hopper to learn more!

The Hopper is free with qualifying satellite TV packages when you switch to DISH, so check out all the great packages available and call or order online today!

*PrimeTime Anytime™ is not available in all markets.

All offers, features, functionality and channel availability subject to change without notice. Please reference for current pricing and promotional information.
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