How to Use the DISH GameFinder

Sifting through all the sports programming channels, trying to find what games are on TV can be a hassle. Remembering which TV channels show which sports and which games are on which channels on which days at which times can be frustrating.

Fortunately, DISH has a solution that ensures you’ll never again miss another game because you can’t find it—it’s called the DISH GameFinder.

DISH GameFinder is a free online service that lets you search through every sporting event broadcast by DISH on a specific day. The way it works is quite simple.  Input your zip code or account number, choose what sport you’re looking for (in this example, we’ll use baseball) and hit the search button.

DISH GameFinder

On the next page, you’re greeted with every baseball game that DISH is broadcasting in your area in the following week.

Not only does DISH GameFinder give you the day, date, time, station and channel number of the game you’re looking for, but you’ll also find out if it’s being broadcast in HD and whether or not it’s been blacked out.  It also lists what package is required to watch so you will easily know if the game is available to you – or if an upgrade is in order! But wait, DISH GameFinder gets even better. If you only want to see when the Red Sox are playing this week, just enter “Red Sox” into the provided filter and you’ll be given all the same information as before, but only for the Boston Red Sox.

DISH GameFinder Results

No matter what game you’re looking for, the DISH GameFinder can help. So stop missing your favorite games because you don’t know where to watch them.

Sign up for DISH today and you’ll always know when your favorite team is playing!

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