3D Movies on DISH

Remember when 3D movies first came to theaters and you could watch a movie like Jaws 3D Movies3 in 3D—it really looked like the shark was coming at you through the big screen! Since the early days of three-dimensional films, technology has advanced to an astounding level, and now 3D movies are more thrilling and realistic than ever before.  With cutting edge DISH technology, you can watch new and classic 3D movies right from the comfort of your own home!

Current 3D Movie Hits on DISH

DISH On Demand 3D HD movies create a new and exciting way to enjoy TV. Now, in your own living room, you can watch current 3D HD hits like The Adventures of TINTIN, Happy Feet Two, and Puss in Boots with DISH On Demand in 3D!

“The whole animated style in The Adventures of Tintin is quite excellent, actually. Spielberg and Jackson’s effects team at WETA have advanced motion capture technology well past Robert Zemeckis’ rubber marionettes… and landed in a zone that’s utilizing animation to its fullest.”

-DVD Talk Review of The Adventures of Tintin in 3D

3D movie titles can be found on Channels 1 and 501 of your guide and are3D Movies on DISH indicated by the “3D” icon. It’s that easy! All you need is the proper 3D viewing equipment (see below), and in no time at all, you can start enjoying DISH On Demand 3D movies!

DISH Cinema offers new releases in 1080p and 3D with select titles available for up to 48 hours. With DVR functions like pause, replay and fast-forward, watch movies the way YOU want to watch them!

Look for We Bought a Zoo starring Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson coming May 2, 2012 to DISH On Demand!

The Evolution of DISH 3D Movies

Just introduced in 2010, DISH 3D HD viewing is already wowing DISH subscribers and is one of the many reasons so many people are making the switch to DISH! When DISH first launched 3D movies on demand, a handful of titles were available including Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, A Christmas Carol, The Last Airbender, Despicable Me, Shrek Forever After and Saw: The Final Chapter.

As more 3D movies come out, the choices for DISH On Demand 3D Movies will continue to grow, and DISH subscribers will have even more reasons to enjoy DISH Cinema. Another perk to DISH Cinema is the All Day DISH Ticket (ADDT), which allows you to access PPV (pay-per-view) movies for an entire day on every channel the movie’s playing on. ADDT channels are shown for 24 hours starting anywhere from 5:00 a.m. EST and ending the following morning at the same time. So, if you order The Adventures of TINTIN at noon, you can watch it as many times as it airs until 5:00 the next morning!

How Does 3D Work?

Have you ever wondered how filmmakers make the action look as though it’s coming right at you? The technology-savvy TV lovers probably already know all the details of how 3D works , but for those of you don’t, here’s the “short” version of this remarkable technology:

Modern 3D HDTV technology actually splits the video into left and right frames, which 3D TVcoordinate with the 3D glasses. The 3D HDTV sends commands to the 3D glasses, similar to how a remote control sends commands to your TV. The commands instruct the left and right lenses to synchronize with the frames displayed on the TV screen, which result in the HD 3D viewing experience. Clear as mud, huh?

What You Need for 3D Movies on DISH

Now that you’ve had your 3D how-it-works lesson here’s what you need to enjoy these exciting 3D movies with stunning visual effects. This is the equipment you’ll need to take your movie-watching experience to a whole new dimension—the THIRD dimension:

  • 3D HD television—3D works with modern 3D HDTV’s, but some older 3D TVs may require additional hardware to watch DISH On Demand 3D movies, so be sure to ask if your older TV model is 3D compatible.
  • 3D glasses—Depending on the 3D HDTV manufacturer, the glasses may have to be purchased separately from the TV. Be sure to buy a pair for everyone in the household!
  • 3D compatible HD DVR—Compatible DISH receivers (ViP® 722k, ViP 722, ViP 922 or the Hopper) deliver a 3D video signal. If you don’t have a 3D compatible DISH DVR, you may qualify for a free DISH DVR upgrade.
  • 3D cables—High-speed HDMI cables (10.2 Gbps or higher) work with the HDMI 3D pass-through technology found in 3D-capable HDTV’s and Blu-ray discä players.
  • Optional surround sound compatible with 3D technology to enhance your 3D movie-watching experience even more.

As 3D technology continues to evolve, DISH will be able to provide customers more 3D programming choices. For instance, DISH is currently working with multiple content partners to offer 3D sports content to meet the needs of our customers. Now is a great time to make the switch to DISH! On Demand 3D movies from DISH will make movie night at your house better than you ever thought possible! Start popping the popcorn and settle in for hours of mind-blowing special 3D effects!

All offers, features, functionality and channel availability subject to change without notice. Please reference dishtv.com for current pricing and promotional information.
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