Free DISH Channel Previews This Month

DISH is always bringing its customers great perks like free channels and free show previews.  For the month of May (April 26-May22) and just in time for Mother’s Day, these FREE DISH channel previews are available:

  • Lifetime Movie Network (DISH HD channel 109)—LMNLifetime Movies on DISH airs movies based on best-selling novels, true stories that will shock and amaze you, and feature film releases. With LMN every night is movie night! Lifetime Movie Network is usually included in DISH package America’s Top 200 and higher.
  • PixL (DISH HD channel 388)—Family-friendly movie channel featuring original movies and series to insPixL TV on DISHpire the whole family. PixL has it all from comedy to drama and everything in between to suit all the movie tastes in your household. This channel has no commercial interruptions—ever! PixL is included in the DISH Heartland package* and Blockbuster@Home package.
  • Baby TV (DISH channel 126)—Baby TV on DISH TVThis popular “all about babies” channel airs 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is also completely commercial free! Baby TV features advice from experts and is designed for parents to share learning and play time with their children. Included in the DISH Heartland package.*
  • Hallmark Channel (DISH HD channel 388)—This family-friendly Hallmark Channel on DISHchannel airs touching, heart-warming movies and original programming for family members of all ages. The Hallmark Channel is included in the Heartland Package* and America’s Top 200 and above.
  • Hallmark Movie Channel (DISH HD channel 187)—Watch Hallmark Movie Channel on DISHHallmark movies will inspire and entertain all the members of your family. Available in the Heartland Package* and America’s Top 250 and above.
  • gmc (DISH channel 188)—This “uplifting” television entertainment network is faith-friendGMC TV Preview on DISHly family entertainment for all ages featuring original movies, music and much more. Included in America’s Top 250 and the Heartland Package.
  • RFDTV (DISH channel 232)—Watch RFDTV on DISHThe country’s first 24-hour network dedicated solely to programming for the rural community focusing on agricultural and equine issues and featuring traditional country music and entertainment.
  • RURAL TV (DISH channel 231)—Dedicated to agribusiness and a rural lifestyle. Educational and enFree Rural TV on DISHtertaining programming about the global population makes this a popular DISH channel. Included in the Heartland Package and America’s Top 250 and above.

Sign up for DISH today and enjoy the free DISH channels listed above if they are not already included in your package. If you’re already a DISH customer and like what you see, you can add the channels to your existing package permanently!

*The Heartland package is a new DISH Package featuring family-friendly networks, which can be added to your existing package for only $5 a month!

All offers, features, functionality and channel availability subject to change without notice. Please reference for current pricing and promotional information.
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