What’s Included With DISH Free Installation?

Get DISH TV with Free InstallationDid you know that DISH offers free installation when you sign up? Here’s what’s included when you sign up for DISH.

  • When you order a DISH package, you can get your free installation, sometimes as soon as the same day, or choose the date and time of your free installation.
  • DISH offers installation on Saturdays, Sundays and even holidays.
  • Free DISH installation is offered in the 48 contiguous states with only Alaska and Hawaii excluded.
  • Installation is free in up to six rooms! A DISH technician will come to your home, get you all set up, explain how everything works and answer all of your questions—all at no charge to you! All you have to do is have someone age 18 or over be present for the installation!

FAQs About DISH Free Installation

Many people who make the switch to DISH have questions prior to signing their contract. Hopefully, the information below will answer some of your own questions.

Is my bill the same regardless of the number of TVs I have in my home?

Advertised DISH prices are typically for a one or two room system using one of our dual tuner receivers. Your monthly bill is based on what you order, so if you order five rooms of programming and equipment, your monthly bill will be higher than if you only get basic service in one room. While the installation is free, you are billed each month based on your service and equipment usage.

Is installation free if the technician has to install the DISH on my roof?

Whether you live in an apartment, condo or home, DISH installation is free. The only requirement is that if you rent your apartment or condo, your landlord must give written permission to install DISH satellite TV.

My homeowners’ association (HOA) has certain guidelines that must be followed. Will I still get free DISH installation?

Many DISH customers have HOA rules to abide by, and that’s usually not a problem when it comes to installing DISH satellite TV. When you call to schedule your installation, your DISH customer service rep should be able to answer any questions about your specific location.

Must there be a television present in the rooms I want DISH service?

Yes, in order for the technician to complete the process, there must be a TV in each room you want DISH service, otherwise the technician cannot guarantee the system is working properly.

Need your home theatre or surround sound speakers installed? DISH offers these and other installation services for an additional fee. Just let us know when you schedule your appointment.

Moving? Take your DISH TV with you – for free*! Just call us with your new address, pack your DISH receiver(s) and remote(s) and we’ll provide a priority installation at your new place!

With so many advances in DISH technology recently and great DISH deals for new customers, now is a good time to make the switch to DISH. If you have more questions, simply click on the DISH online chat feature or call DISH today.

*Restrictions apply.

All offers, features, functionality and channel availability subject to change without notice. Please reference dishtv.com for current pricing and promotional information.
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