Blockbuster Movie Streaming with Blockbuster @Home

Do you love streaming movies? Well you’re in luck because in 2011, DISH purchased Blockbuster and brought all of the great entertainment available from Blockbuster to DISH customers with Blockbuster@Home.

Blockbuster @Home brings you great entertainment in 3 ways:

  • Movies, TV shows and games by mail or in-store exchange
  • Movies and TV shows available for streaming to your TV, computer or iPad®*
  • 20 entertainment and movie channels included in your package

Blockbuster Movie Streaming

Does all this sound great to you? If so, now is the time to get Blockbuster @Home with DISH. Right now, Blockbuster @Home is free for 3 months when you sign up! This is just one of the many special offers that new customers can get with DISH. With all these great deals, DISH makes a great holiday gift!

Follow these easy steps to get Blockbuster@Home set up:

Set up an online account:

Manage your DVD Queue:

Stream Online:

 Stream to your TV:

  • Select “My DVR” on your remote and then choose “Blockbuster @Home” to browse or search the thousands of streaming choices

Once you’re set up to stream, browse by title, genre, actor’s name or subject matter and instantly stream to your TV using your remote control, or you can browse online and watch on your computer or tablet.

DISH customers are raving about Blockbuster @Home. Order DISH online or contact a DISH customer service representative today!
* Requires high-speed internet connection

All offers, features, functionality and channel availability subject to change without notice. Please reference for current pricing and promotional information.
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