DISH Satellite TV Brings Families Together

Family values are important to DISH and since 1982, this family-owned business has been providing an incomparable TV entertainment experience for families in the United States. If you’re shopping around for satellite TV systems, DISH is the clear choice, especially if you’re looking for a TV provider that has the  viewing options necessary to accommodate the busy schedules of large (and small) families.

Families Together DISHTVHopper Allows the Family to Watch What They Want, When They Want

DISH technology, like the Hopper from DISH, allows families to watch their favorite programming when they want. When DISH introduced the Hopper, it had convenience in mind as this whole-home HD DVR allows DISH customers to record up to six live HD channels at once during prime time, including four local HD networks and two other channels of your choice. The Hopper’s massive 2 TB hard drive is the largest in the industry today (able to record up to 2,000 hours), which means you can watch more of your favorite family programming after dinner, after soccer practice, after choir rehearsal, and after all the homework is done.

Advanced Features of DISH Technology          

No more rushing around to be in front of the TV when your favorite show comes on because with the Hopper from DISH featuring PrimeTime Anytime™, you can watch the primetime shows you love anytime you like in the eight days following its original air time. Once enabled, PrimeTime Anytime™* automatically records ABS, CBS, NBC, and FOX in HD between the hours of 8:00-11:00 p.m. EST Monday through Saturday and 7:00-11:00 p.m. EST on Sundays. With the whole-home functionality of this feature, you can pause, rewind or fast-forward any recording in any connected room and finish watching it on any other TV allowing for families to enjoy all different types of programming together. Never lose your remote again! Press a button, and the Hopper will call your remote, so you can hear where it’s hiding – and then get back to watching TV.

Check out these family channels on DISH for a great variety of programming that all ages can enjoy!

DISH Brings Families Together

Watch More TV in Less Time with AutoHop™           

Once your primetime shows are recorded in HD, select the ones you want to watch from the PrimeTime Anytime™ library, and you will see a popup to enable the AutoHop™ feature at the beginning of the show if AutoHop™ is available for this show. If it is, you can then watch it without commercials. With AutoHop™, you are in complete control of whether or not you watch commercials! This is just another feature that allows you to watch more of your favorite family programming in less time.

DISH Families Watching TV TogetherIf you’re looking for a satellite TV system that will allow everyone in your household to get the programming they want to watch, when they want to watch it, then look no further. Compare DISH to the competition and you’ll see why so many people have made the switch to DISH.

*PrimeTime Anytime™ is not available in all markets.

All offers, features, functionality and channel availability subject to change without notice. Please reference for current pricing and promotional information.
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