Why PrimeTime Anytime™ is Such a Big Hit

If you’re a big fan of TV, you’ve probably wondered if you are getting the best value for what you pay for your TV service. Since the release of the Hopper, the most powerful whole-home HD DVR in the industry today, DISH has been the talk of the industry. With the Hopper from DISH and its many features, namely PrimeTime Anytime™, TV fans all over the country are now able to watch more of their favorite shows in less time. With its massive 2 TB hard drive and PrimeTime Anytime™, the Hopper takes program recording to a whole new level.

Primetime Anytie a Big HitHow PrimeTime Anytime™ Works

Here’s what makes PrimeTime Anytime™ so impressive: it automatically records all the shows on the four major networks in HD (ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX) Monday through Saturday from 8-11 p.m. and Sundays from 7-11:00 p.m. EST when enabled. Not only do the recordings on PrimeTime Anytime™ not take up any of your personal DVR space, but you can still record 2 other shows of your choice while those 4 shows are recording.

Once PrimeTime Anytime™ is enabled, you will be able to access the recorded primetime shows whenever you like for eight days after they’ve aired. You will never have to worry about setting a recording on these channels and you can access these shows immediately after they have aired.

You can go about your busy day without ever having to worry about setting up your DVR to record or race home to catch the start of a favorite program. You can enjoy your favorite shows when it’s convenient for your busy schedule.

You can’t talk about PrimeTime Anytime™ without mentioning the feature that has everyone excited–AutoHop™. You can enable AutoHop™ on most shows recorded with PrimeTime Anytime™ so you can watch them commercial-free—that means no fast forwarding during commercials. Your shows will automatically skip over the commercial breaks so you can watch more of the TV you love.  Or, if you want to watch commercials with any show, simply do not choose to enable AutoHop™. For each show that it’s available, you can enable or disable AutoHop™ with the touch of a button. It’s really easy.

Switch to DISH and Watch More TV in Less Time

If you’ve been undecided about switching from cable to satellite TV or if you know you want satellite TV but just don’t know which provider is right for you, PrimeTime Anytime™ should make your decision much easier. Read what people are saying about the Hopper from DISH and Hopper features that technology fans will really find interesting. While other companies may offer a whole-home solution, no other pay TV provider has a whole-home HD DVR with such advanced features.

Never miss another show with PrimeTime Anytime™.

All offers, features, functionality and channel availability subject to change without notice. Please reference dishtv.com for current pricing and promotional information.
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