Some Top Chick Flicks

Let’s face facts – the true definition of what comprises a “chick-flick” has changed. Once about romance, purity, and the tribulations of girlhood, some of today’s top movies for gals foster the more rudimentary behaviors more typical of guys. These top chick flicks encompass a little bit of every woman’s feminine wiles with very different approaches.

16 Candles – Beloved by a Generation of Tweens and Teens

Sixteen Candles top chick flickThere’s no doubt that this Molly Ringwald sleeper has pajamas and popcorn with the girls written all over it. Samantha has the most relatable pity party for herself as her Sweet 16 Birthday seems to pass by unnoticed, and her constant pining over a seemingly unattainable guy brings out the sympathies in even the toughest audience.

When Harry Met Sally – Why Can’t We Just Be Friends?

Attempting to resolve the longest argument since Adam and Eve, this flick for chicks asks – can men and women just be friends? Even after 11 long years of denying anything more than friendship, Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal reluctantly discover that the answer may be an emphatic “No!” From the quirky commentary to Ryan’s memorable scene in Katz’s Deli, the film serves up girly laughs in all the right places.

Pretty Woman – The Blockbuster that Made Julia Roberts a Star

Most chick flicks generally don’t feature escorts, but there are not many movies within the genre that boast such a fairy tale ending. The charming connection between Julia Roberts and Richard Gere makes this rags-to-riches movie an all-time favorite indulgence among ladies that love to see a downtrodden woman come out on top.

The Break-Up– Finally, a Top Chick Flick About Falling Out of Love

Even a sentimental female can appreciate an honest look at what it’s like to lose that special connection with someone that you still care about. Attempting to remain in cohabitation while selling their condominium, the couple in “The Break-Up” demonstrates the harsh, yet hilarious, realities that such a situation can bring.

The Notebook—Get the Tissues!

The Notebook Top Chick Flick

Two young lovers, played by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, are torn apart by class differences and war in this adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ novel that spans several decades. Guys and gals better have a box of tissues handy for this tearjerker!

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