If You Can DISH It, You Can Take It… ANYWHERE!

With DISH’s new mobile app, DISH mobile, you’re only a finger tap away from access to your favorite shows, movies, and sports teams on your tablet or Smartphone. While this may be a blessing to some, it may prove a problem to those who have trouble exercising sound judgment. Here are a few dos and don’ts for those who want to take advantage of DISH’s latest innovation.

Good Idea: Merlin in the Laundry Room computer in laundry room

Dave has had a crush on Emily from 7A since she moved into the building a few weeks ago. She’s a bit of a fantasy fan, as is evident from the tomes she tends to tote around that always feature either a dragon or a knight on their cover. It’s cute, perhaps a little geeky, but cute. With DISH mobile, Dave can access channels like SyFy on his tablet, so he never is more than a tap away from the latest episodes of Merlin. All he has to do is “accidentally” have her catch him watching an episode of the show while they both are doing laundry. Suddenly, Dave has that icebreaker that he’s been waiting for since she first caught his eye.

Bad Idea: The Red Sox Game in Yankee Stadium

The Yankees are running away with the game. It’s 7-0, the middle of the second inning and Sabbathia is clearly in the zone. Unfortunately, Dave is a Red Sox fan, and he absolutely despises the Yankees. He’s been dragged to the game by his cousin, Jeff, who dreams in pinstripes. Dave knows that the sports package he found on dish.com will allow him to watch the Red Sox game that’s about to go into the bottom of the 9th. He also knows that the fans around him won’t be thrilled should he use his phone to do so.

iPad at Beach


Good Idea: Using DISH mobile to watch Moby Dick at the beach.

Bad Idea: Using DISH mobile to watch The Beach in Moby Dick.



computer at gym


Good Idea: Using DISH mobile to watch Drive on demand while running at the gym.

Bad Idea: Watching Logan’s Run while driving to the gym.

All offers, features, functionality and channel availability subject to change without notice. Please reference dishtv.com for current pricing and promotional information.
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