America’s Got Talent Winners: Where are they Now?

bigstock-Three-hip-hop-dancers-12124439 (1)With reality TV shows having a strong summer TV presence, NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” makes us think of novelty acts and … well, more singers. It’s true that other than last year, most of the winners have been singers. But what happened to all those past talents that won by public decree?

Take a look at the most talented “America’s Got Talent” winners/runners-up over the last seven years. You may notice that not winning sometimes portends a much healthier career.

Bianca Ryan
Remember this 11-year-old girl who wowed everybody with her powerful and soulful voice during the show’s first season? After winning the top prize, she sold 200,000 copies of her debut album worldwide, but somehow avoided charting since. According to her website, though, her YouTube videos still receive millions of hits, and she’s back to recording a new album at the age of 18.

A worthy talent, it seems unlikely she’ll face the “American Idol” problem of being completely forgotten by time and a fickle public.

Terry Fator
This second season winner brought ventriloquism back to the mainstream with a brilliant new twist of dummies impersonating famous singers. Fator might have to be considered the true success story of “America’s Got Talent” so far, or at least, in the winner’s circle. Because he’s still ubiquitous in show business today, he passes the five-year test.

Most of Season Five
It seems those who didn’t win in Season Five ended up forming successful careers on their own. Opera prodigy Jackie Evancho is the most successful of any competitor when it comes to album sales despite being runner up to Michael Grimm. Evancho has sold well over two million albums and still is feted as a singing phenomenon. Grimm has had only moderate success, despite being a talented Southern soul singer.

You can’t deny the talent of the other Season Five runners up: The offbeat and operatic Prince Poppycock or black-light artists Defying Gravity. While they aren’t household names yet, they’re busy working and arguably the most fascinating novelty acts in the show’s history.

Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.
The sight of a guy wearing dreadlocks and singing Frank Sinatra was enough to set Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. apart from everyone else. Even if his career may not last at a Sinatra level, he still managed to earn one million dollars more than most artists.  Murphy is also the second bestselling artist from “America’s Got Talent’s” winner roster. 

Olate Dogs
It might be easy to cite last year’s winning act as the best ever, based squarely on how well-trained those dogs are. Then again, perhaps we don’t know everything in why they’re so well trained.  Maybe the dogs really are that smart and invested their prize money in better places than their human counterpart winners have.

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